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IAC Fruit Centers

The expansion of temperate climate and subtropical fruit farming in the State of São Paulo is directly linked with the Agronomic Institute. Besides the production of vineyards, research works involve fruit trees for the production of peaches, apples, nectarines, pears, quince, mulberry, macadamia, loquat and persimmon.

The studies are focused on the improvement of cultivation techniques, and on the development of new varieties of fruits and nuts with high agronomic potential through genetic enhancement.

In the winegrowing area, works are conducted in all major winegrowing regions in the State of São Paulo, including fertilization, Rose Niagara cultivar nutrition, with the aim to rationalize the use of fertilizers. The studies also involve the use of vegetable regulators for improving the quality of the bunches, whilst causing the grape vines to sprout uniformly, conduction systems and protected cultivation, so as to reach higher productivity rates, improved bunch quality, less severe disease and pest outbreaks and a reduction in labor needs. Evaluation of the behavior of the crown and grafting stocks for table grapes. Wines and juices are also integral parts of the program.

In temperate climate fruit trees, like peaches and nectarine, the search is for superior cultivars, rather tolerant to cold weather conditions, adapted to the climatic conditions of São Paulo, including the Northeast and North of the State, where warmer temperatures tend to occur.

In tropical climate fruit trees, there is research on pineapple and passion fruit. For pineapple plants, the goal is higher yields and better quality, besides the development of varieties resistant to diseases and pests, with less thorny leaves. The latest variety launch, in 2010, is the IAC Fantastic, resistant to fusariosis, a major disease of this species in Brazil. What makes a difference in this variety is its thornless crown, making handling easier.

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