Centro de Recursos Genéticos Vegetais

IAC Vegetable Genetic Resources Center

The Vegetable Genetic Resources Center comprises different competences in almost all the areas where it operates, particularly in credentialing reference laboratories for molecular diagnosis services, adding value to medicinal and aromatic plants and the creation of an integrated research network for turning biodiesel-oriented plants into a viable option, under competitive bases. The Center conducts research works geared towards sustainability, like the best use of water and soil nutrients, besides technologies linked to phytoremediation and genetic materials tolerant to cold and warm weather conditions. The team is also engaged in providing the IAC Botanical Garden with higher visibility.

Sede do Instituto Agronômico (IAC)
Avenida Barão de Itapura, 1.481
Campinas (SP) Brasil
CEP 13020-902
Fone (19) 2137-0600