Centro de Horticultura

IAC Vegetable Center

Several research works are focused on the genetic enhancement of vegetables, roots, tubers; aromatic, medicinal and spice plants. The studies are also aimed phytotechnics and plant nutrition. The activities are carried out jointly with other IAC Centers, other units of the Secretariat of Agriculture and Supply of São Paulo and research and educational institutions.

The strategy is geared towards the development of new varieties resistant to diseases and pests, rather tolerant to poor water and fertilization conditions, along with superior nutritional characteristics and, possibly, with pharmaceutical active ingredients. The strategy also includes a bigger variety of flowers and ornamental plants, consequently translating into more jobs and higher income in the countryside.

Noteworthy launches include 39 horticultural cultivars, four potato cultivars, three sweet potato cultivars, and 20 cassava and 27 flower cultivars.

Sede do Instituto Agronômico (IAC)
Avenida Barão de Itapura, 1.481
Campinas (SP) Brasil
CEP 13020-902
Fone (19) 2137-0600