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Centro de Grãos e Fibras

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IAC Grains and Fibers Center

All research works are focused on crop diversifi cation as a national development agent, environmentally sustainable and economically viable. The purpose of the projects consists in meeting specifi c demands, whilst creating innovations for the production chains of several species, including large scale crops, regional productions and market niches.

Of all activities conducted in the Center, 70% are focused on genetic enhancement and the development of new cultivars, besides transference to the production sectors through IAC quality seed. In 2010, the Center produced and transferred to the farmers 316 tons of genetic seed, comprising 51 cultivars and 18 species – cotton, peanut, rice, oats, crotalaria, black-beans, pigeon pea, sesame, sunfl ower, hyacinth bean, castor bean, corn, popcorn, velvet bean, soybean, sorghum, wheat and triticale. The production of these crops attests to the success of the research works conducted in the enhancement area of the Center.

Other activities include: evaluation and selection of materials resistant to drought conditions and warm temperatures, the use of molecular biology as a plant selection tool, assessment of the technological, industrial and nutritional quality of grains, as essential traits of modern cultivars.

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