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Centro de Fitossanidade


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IAC Phytosanitary Center

The Phytosanitary Center takes part in plant enhancement in that it seeks resistance against pests and diseases, contextualized work in the demands for higher production, environmental sustainability and economic viability. It conducts research on alternative methods for phytosanitary control and generates technologies towards higher agricultural effi ciency, thus obtaining basic parent plants, free from pathogens and pests, for the cultivation of potatoes, citrus, hydrangeas and passion fruit.

The Unit is equipped with a Seed Laboratory for physical, physiological and sanitary analyses. This laboratory conducts all the analyses of the materials that enter the country through the IAC Quarantine Center, in the areas of entomology, phytopathology, nematology and virology. Another activity consists in entering the entire Entomological Collection into the internet.

Sede do Instituto Agronômico
Avenida Barão de Itapura, 1.481
Campinas (SP) Brasil
CEP 13020-902
Fone (19) 2137-0600