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Jardim Botânico IAC

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IAC Botanical Garden

Lush nature in the midst of Downtown Campinas is
an awe-inspiring sight, worthy of admiration. The IAC Botanical Garden is an outstanding highlight amid the main avenues of the town, where the always-busy traffic contrasts with the invitation for contemplation from the charming trees.

JBIAC consists of the plants that exist in the IAC Headquarters Park and in the Central Experiment Center. The collection of ornamental plants, comprising some 5,100 exotic and native species, includes shrubs, trees and herbaceae (flowers).

The collections of rice, wheat, black-beans, coffee, cotton, vegetables, rubber tree, sugarcane, fruit, among others, are also an integral part of the Botanical Garden. This profile turns the JBIAC into the only one with an agricultural focus, among the 34 existing in Brazil. The Institute’s Botanical Garden falls into category B, the same as the Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro and other five big Gardens in Brazil. The unit is a member of the Brazilian Network of Botanical Gardens.

Sede do Instituto Agronômico
Avenida Barão de Itapura, 1.481
Campinas (SP) Brasil
CEP 13020-902
Fone (19) 2137-0600